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Vintner Vignette Michael Moore

Spend a few minutes with Amanda in the barrel room at Zichichi, as well as the Zichichi winemaker Michael Moore, as we learn about barrel tasting in Sonoma County.

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Woot, It’s Ladies Night!

  They’re heeeeeere! Yes it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Or dreading. Our very first 50 Shades of Grape LADIES-ONLY Review. (Or should that be REVUE?) Who knows? Either way you spell it,

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Vintner Vignette: Michael Talty

  Woohoo it’s our very first Vintner Vignette, where we talk directly with winemakers to help you learn more about them, their wine and their clubs. We thought it would be fun to break the ice with one of our favorite

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The Way We Were

  Fresh off the Napa/Sonoma 50 Shades of Grape Tour 2012, Ed, Laura and first-time video virgin Sara review an interesting blend from Salvestrin, one of our favorite wineries in St. Helena, California. You’ll learn a bit about Joy who guided our tasting experience, Salvestrin’s wine club and FYI, cut Ed a little slack, as…

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