June Ray Ashlow 2008

According to their site, Paola Sordoni and JuneRay Wines are “dedicated to bringing you ultra-premium red wines of the highest character.” Their flagship wine, Ashlow, is limited to 600 BOTTLES. Not 600 cases…600 individually hand-numbered bottles.

This wine is a young whippersnapper. Plan on decanting for a minimum of two hours and swirling the heck out of it in the glass.  We also used the Vinturi aerator.

Hot medicinal nose at first but then opens up to include leather (Tuscadero) and burnt sugar. Black cherry on the palate up front and firmly tannic. Every minute that passed led to a more delicious flavor. Time will tell how she evolves in the future, but we look forward to popping another one open in a few years.

$97 retail