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The Big Grape Breakdown

If you haven’t seen the Darth Vader “round-a-bound” video… YouTube it. You’re welcome. Now onto the wine.. Merryvale is her name and she is mighty fine!

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We’re Kickin’ It Old World

We like it, we don’t like it, but wait.. this is something that seems right up your alley. We’re a bit out of sorts for this Bordeaux. #thattimeofthemonth

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Dang, The Air Is Thinner Up Here

  This Breggo Pinot Noir review from our secret location taught us a few important things: 1. Check your damned white balance before hitting ‘RECORD.’ Our skin really isn’t that sick freakish color. Zoinks, Scoob that’s gross. 2. The “no-edit rule” isn’t viable long-term. Eventually you’ll be drunk enough that your video requires edits. I…

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