Less Than $25

Trust But Verify

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. We asked for a recommendation from someone we thought we could trust and well, you’ll have to wait to see how it all shook out.

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Meet Our Summer Romance

  Have you ever had a summer romance? We have. In fact, we’re in the middle of one right now with this South American beauty! Even though it isn’t summer yet, nab a bottle of Anakena and try it yourself!

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It’s Two! Two! Two Wines In One!

  Ho Ho Ho and off we go to our secret bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere near some pine trees. Join us as we dip our toes into the icy cold waters of the Riesling not once, but twice at Christmas!

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It’s A Threesome!

  The three of us are sitting in our three chairs, tasting and reviewing three sips each of three different wines! Pull up a chair for three minutes and watch. (Ok, it’s not really only three minutes… but still, just stay and watch eh?) Thanks. We love ya. MEAN IT!

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Woot, It’s Ladies Night!

  They’re heeeeeere! Yes it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Or dreading. Our very first 50 Shades of Grape LADIES-ONLY Review. (Or should that be REVUE?) Who knows? Either way you spell it, we’re having way too much fun with this one! Check out our latest bottle of yummy goodness (and our moustaches) and…

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Counting Is Hard!

Blind Tasting

We wanted to sharpen our palates in preparation for the epic 50 Shades of Grape wine country tour in September, so in a moment of idiocy, we said, “HEY I KNOW! LET’S DO A BLIND TASTING!” After six bottles, no food and choruses of, “Oooh awesome nose!”, “Smells like a barn!”, “Yummy notes of black…

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Calera 2010 35th Anniversary Pinot Noir Central Coast

2010 Calera Pinot Noir

Hinton’s Wine Store had a sale this weekend. 20% off cases. We took advantage of this offer to find some new gems and oh boy were we not disappointed. The 2010 Calera jumped out from the moment we laid our noses in the decanter. The nose started off as buttered popcorn drizzled with iHop raspberry…

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A $25 Cab with $50 flavor and an $8 Label

Salva Tierra

Wine labels are like book covers. You most definitely cannot judge a wine by its label. As I was wandering through Total Wine yesterday, I spied a bunch of 2007 Napa cabernets (which are getting less and less available at retail). Salva Tierra Cabernet from Renteria Wines caught my eye for its non-descript label and $24.99…

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