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Who Has The Munchies?

  The wine in our video review this week, reminded *some of us* of our youth and of a certain aromatic plant often associated with Doritos… I’m just sayin’.

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Happy Cab Day

And no.. We’re not talking the yellow kind. Cheers and to celebrate.. A little wine from Joseph Phelps and our lovely bartender Berly at Houston’s in Buckhead!

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Counting Is Hard!

Blind Tasting

We wanted to sharpen our palates in preparation for the epic 50 Shades of Grape wine country tour in September, so in a moment of idiocy, we said, “HEY I KNOW! LET’S DO A BLIND TASTING!” After six bottles, no food and choruses of, “Oooh awesome nose!”, “Smells like a barn!”, “Yummy notes of black…

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Maipe, you found me!

Maipe Malbec Reserve 2010

About two months ago, in my quest to learn more about wine and discover what I truly like, my most awesome friends introduced me to a supremely spicy Malbec. My taste in wine hasn’t been the same. We’re in the North Georgia mountains this weekend and I had the bright idea of a Malbec tasting…

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